Equipment Policy

The following items are required for rentals

  • A valid photo ID or driver’s license
  • A valid Phone number
  • A valid local address
  • A valid major credit card
  • Certain equipment requires the operator to be at least 21 yrs of age

Rental Information

  • For trailer items, a 2″ trailer ball or pintle hook
  • WEEKDAYS  -Any 24 Hour Period
  • SATURDAYS -8:30AM TO 4:00pm
  • SUNDAYS  -closed. Pick up equipment between 12pm – 4:00pm, Saturday & Return by 9:00am, Monday for a 24 hour charge
  • Some items can be rented for a half day (4 hour) period. (within the open hours of operation)
  • All items are a standard 24 hour rental period – (some equipment have hour meters, those are 8 hours of run time in a 24 hours period) WEEKDAYS

Equipment Rental Policy

Rental Terms and Conditions

NO FREE TIME –We charge for time out whether or not time used (while in the customer’s possession) We do not rent on a trial and error basis.


Delivery: Not included in the rental rates.

Delivery: is available for any of our equipment and charged according to delivery location.

Delivery: charges are for round trip, it is the customer’s responsibility for calling to let us know they are done with their rental. Delivered equipment will remain on rental until the customer calls to schedule the pick-up; we will NOT automatically pick up any equipment!!

Fuel: Customer must return equipment with a full tank of fuel or you will be charged for whatever the amount of fuel that is necessary to fill the tank.

Damage Waiver: is 14% of the rental rate applied automatically. It is optional but if not taken then it’s the customers full responsibility on any equipment.